Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kodambakkam Round up

Nayantara back with a bang!

Nayantara's rise, back from the gap after Deepavali, is nothing short of phenomenal.

After lying low in Tamil (and concentrating in Telugu), she has come back strongly.

Nayantara is the heroine of Billa 2007 opposite Ajith and this film is directed by Vishnuvardhan. A big thing indeed.

And now, Nayantara is paired opposite Dhanush in a new film that will go to floors perhaps next month.

The film, the remake of 'Aadavala Mattalukku Arthalu Verulae, a movie' that Selvaraghavan is making in Telugu, will be directed by Jawahar, an assistant of Selva himself.

The movies with Ajith and Dhanush are definitely pointers to the fact that the stylish actor is going ahead in full steam.

Nayantara is also looking more glamorous and slim these days.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Trishavudan sila nimisham

Tamizh Kavithaigal

Here are some Tamil puthu kavithaigal that I came across and cherished of late...obviously on the popular subject - Kaadhal...

"Naan Eluthiyavai annaithum vaarthaigal......
endravathu ethai nee padikka nernthal orruvelai kavithai aagalam"

"Eluthu eluthu ennakku orru kaditham eluthu ennai nesikirai endru...
alla nee veru evarayum nesikka villai endraavathu eluthu"

"Ulagathileyae siriya kavithai ennavenru kaettaal THAAI enben.
Adhaiyae en thaai vanthu kaettaal innum siridhaai solvaen NEE enru!"

"Paarkka koodaathathai paarthuviten.......
Unn kangal"

On a different note -
"Unnai Kavithai endru endro varnithathin
artham ippothu enakku purikirathu...unnilum poigal"

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tamilnadu Photos

Tamilnatta suthi pakkalam vanga

Tutocurin Salt Pans


Way of Blitz



Friday, February 16, 2007

Week's surprise

Sandhya in Sivaji :
Sandhya in SivajiThe young Kadhal girl, Sandhya, who got the break under Shankar's production, is back in a Shankar project.
No, don't get us wrong. Shreya is indeed the heroine of Sivaji opposite superstar Rajinikanth.
Shankar hasn't changed heroines mid-course. But Sandhya is stepping into the project in a different capacity.
Sandhya is being brought in to dub for Shreya.
Sandhya has agreed to dub as it is for Shankar whose production house gave her a break.
Sandhya had a voice test a couple of days back and Shankar himself cleared it.
Sandhya was chosen to give back-up voice to Shreya as her voice had a lot of freshness and realism.
This maybe one of the rare occasions where an active frontline actor has dubbed for another.
Of course, actors like Revathi, Rohini, Saritha regularly dub for Bollywood actors in Tamil.
But Sandhya is at the prime of her career and her own movie Koodal Nagar is expected to release shortly.
Meanwhile, the Sivaji unit, which has been shooting in the US, is expected to return to base shortly.
Sources suggest that apart from filming a few shots of Rajini arriving at an airport, one song too may have been canned in America.

Music charts

Box office makes 'Thiruvilayadal...' best Tamil album :

Box office makes 'Thiruvilayadal...' best Tamil albumThe success of the so-so "Thiruvilayadal Arambham" album is due mainly to the film's super success. But catching up is composer Harris Jayaraj with his "Pachai Kili Muthucharam".
The top five Tamil albums are:
1. "Thiruvilayadal Arambham" - Music: Imman. Audiences are lapping up the songs along with the film. It remains to be seen how long it stays on top.
2. "Pachai Kili Muthucharam" - Music: Harris Jayaraj. There are not many songs in the album, but all of them are worth listening to and have repeat value.
3. "Pokkiri" - Music: Mani Sharma. The album is at number three only because the movie is doing a good business at the box office.
4. "Unnale Unnale" - Music: Harris Jayaraj. There is still time for the film to be released, but the album is already popular.
5. "Thamiraparani" - Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja. A repetitive Yuvan is hanging on to the fourth place. It is high time the composer reinvents himself.

Box Office

Vijay starrer 'Pokkiri' tops the chart :

Vijay starrer 'Pokkiri' tops the chartVijay's Tamil film "Pokkiri", which was directed by Prabhu Deva, is doing better with each passing day. Trade pundits have now declared this Pongal film a super hit though not as big a hit as the Telugu "Pokiri".
The top five Tamil films are:
1. "Pokkiri" - Director: Prabhu Deva. Vijay can heave a sigh of relief, as his latest release, which came after a year, is a big success.
2. "Thiruvilayadal Arambham" - Director: Bhoopathy Pandian. This is turning out to be the biggest hit in Dhanush's career. He should thank co-star Shriya for giving him a lease of life.
3. "Thamiraparani" - Director: Hari. Vishal's Pongal release is not as big a hit as everyone expected it to be but it is still a success.
4. "Alwar" - Director: Chella. After "Varalaaru", everybody is wondering why Ajith acted in this disastrous film. Entirely avoidable for the actor, who is aiming high.
5. "Veyyil" - Director: Vasantha Balan. The title, which means sunshine, may not be viewer-friendly in hot and humid Tamil Nadu, but the film is like a breath of fresh air.